Triple R Experience


The knowledge of a healthy and long live that is one of the oldest medical sciences, dating back to over 8,000 years.

Being a natural healing method it concentrates on treating causes of illness rather than the effects and has proved to be especially successful with chronic diseases.

The practice is also a healer of common ailments such as stress, migraine headaches, rheumatism, sleep disorders and arthritis.

Experience authentic Ayurveda healing with natural medicine administered according to traditional methods. Soothe your mind, body and soul with traditional Accutherapy, Yoga Therapy, Reflexology, Shirodara and Swedana (steam bath). Undergo the ultimate “Triple R” sensations of Relaxation, Revitalization and Rejuvenation at the Ayurveda Therapy Room.

Therapy Packages


Stimulation of the nerve centers of palms and soles with herbal oil, resulting in brain relaxation.

Head, neck & shoulders

Stimulation of the nerve centers of these areas with herbal oil, inducing relaxation and easing muscle tension.

Yoga Therapy

Exercises with scientific respiration methods to help maintain physical and mental health.

Facial Therapy

Using the juice of aloe Vera to relax the face muscles and nerves thereby producing a better blood circulation.

Traditional full body therapy

Stimulating nerve centers throughout the body with suitable oils to relax the nervous system ease muscle tension and ensuring better blood circulation.


Brain relaxation using oil to the head only, concentrating especially on nerve centers in the forehead.

Steam Bath

Subjecting the entire body to steam passed through medicinal herbs to ease tension and induce relaxation.


The Triple R Experience

DAY 01

On arrival reflexology (hands & feet)

DAY 02

Head neck and shoulders and facial therapy

DAY 03

Traditional full body therapy

DAY 04

Shirodhara (with head oil only)

DAY 05

Traditional full body therapy and steam bath

DAY 06

Aloe Vera full body therapy

DAY 07

Reflexology (hands & feet), facial and steam bath

* All consultation with our highly qualified Ayurveda doctor
* Individual dietary plan
* Non- alcoholic beverages (fresh fruit juices, herbal drinks)
* Yoga Therapy

Package Rates


Full Board Rate - $ 151/- per night
Total Package - $ 1,057/-

Half Board Rate - $ 144/- per night
Total Package - $ 1,008/-


Full Board Rate - $ 216/- per night
Total Package - $ 1512/-

Half Board Rate - $ 201/- per night
Total Package - $ 1,407/-
Arriving at the gate we were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. From that time till the time we left, we felt special. The spa was excellent and it completely distressed us. The staffs are efficient, helpful and friendly. We surely will remember our stay at lady hill. Thanks for all your lovely support and for making us feel at home. Lots of love
Monica fit
(United Kingdom)